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Hi, I'm Janeen!

I Help Business Owners Embrace Their Amazing And Messy Selves So They Can Fully Step Into Their Relationships With Clients and Employees Which Impacts Their Bottom Line.


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What Is Your Priority?

Business Owner & Employee Wellbeing Consulting

Is your business struggling with stress, overwhelm, burnout, conflict?

Are your employees quitting, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to serve your customers?

Are you as a leader wondering how to modernize your leadership and remain focused on company growth and bottom lines?

Janeen will teach you how to talk about mental health in the workplace and create a culture of wellbeing, teamwork and resilience for all. Business owners will gain clarity about how these strategies are critical for businesses to retain talent in a competitive job market and protect their bottom line. 

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Explore Speaking & Workshop Options

Janeen specializes in speaking events and workshops to promote wellbeing at work and at home in 8 key areas: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, spiritual and financial.

She is skilled in creating presentations and workshops focused on topics such as Resilience, Mental Health, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Women's Empowerment and other related topics. Schedule a call now to design a program that meets your needs!


Retreats to Relax, Reflect & Revivify!

Need to quickly overcome personal or professional obstacles?

Or simply need to connect with people interested in transformation and growth?

Need a retreat to help your team reconnect and improve teamwork?

Work with Janeen to personalize a retreat from 1 to 5 days to have fun, relax, reconnect with yourself, deepen relationships and revive ambition!

Schedule a call now to create a customized retreat that leaves you, your besties or your team feeling refreshed and revivified!


Personal Wellbeing Coaching

Need a reboot on self-care?

Struggling in career and relationships?

Suffering from toxic stress, overwhelm, burnout, depression or anxiety?

Let’s design a program to help you reconnect with yourself, deepen your self-awareness and revive your zest for life, work and relationships!

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Janeen will help you become a powerhouse in your personal and professional life by embracing your amazing and messy self, increasing your personal awareness and overcoming the lies you tell yourself.

Janeen Olmos is a Therapist, Coach and Consultant for professionals seeking to improve self-care, personal growth and fulfillment. She is uniquely qualified to help others as she spent 15 years in the corporate environment and is now a Licensed Mental Health and Addiction Therapist, a Certified Resilience Coach and has been involved in her own self-care and mental health journey for decades.

In therapy, Janeen uses evidence based tools to help teens and adults revitalize joy, energy and a sense of authentic resonance with life, work and relationships through recovery from shame, trauma, addiction, depression, anxiety, burnout, low self worth, lack of confidence, and other concerns.

Through intensive retreats and individual and group coaching, Janeen helps women and men to overcome personal and professional obstacles to reconnect with themselves, deepen relationships and revive ambition.

Janeen’s consulting expertise will transform organizations struggling with stress, compassion fatigue, burnout and employee turnover into resilient organizations focused on service, teamwork, wellbeing for everyone, and high productivity - all of which impact the bottom line

Janeen lives in Lenexa, Kansas with her husband, Alex. They love spending time with their three human children, two furry children and all their friends and family.


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Current Client

September, 2022.

I am very proud and excited for what's to come for us. I am loving the vibe of our LEADERSHIP TEAM!! I had a few meetings with some of you to discuss processes and I feel an exciting change in our dynamic.


September, 2022.

Janeen is amazing to work with! She truly cares about you and puts her full attention into the session. She has had years of experience with helping people, so she is very well educated in all backgrounds.

I have honestly enjoyed every session I’ve had with her, as her knowledge has helped me immensely in my day to day life and future! I’ve learned and practiced skills that I will take with me as I grow throughout my young adult years, and I’m so appreciative for her.

She has also helped me with finding myself and finding who I want to spend my time with in friendships and relationships. I’m so grateful for Janeen and everything that she has worked with me on


September, 2022.

Janeen has a wealth of knowledge and compassion in what she does. She is very caring and always connects with whom she is seeing that day. I had tried other therapists in past and was never able to fully connect with them. I have major trust issues and in just a short time, I became fully trusting in her.

She is amazing and easy to listen to and she really rally’s around you and becomes one of your biggest supporters. Janeen is very unique in a wonderful way. She has helped me not only realize my potential but helped me place the much-needed boundaries with friends and family in my life. 

Why should people work with her? The question is why would you not work with her? Janeen is different in many ways. From my experience she takes more of a hands-on approach and really tries to empathize with the client she is working with. She is very caring and compassionate to say the least. I find that she really does care and is just a text or a phone call away.

She helped me realize that NO is a complete sentence and I should not feel guilty for using it. She helped me by being there to support my sobriety and realize myself worth.